Week #9 Blog Exercise – Dimension/Depth/Space

Graphic Design includes the essentials of depth, scale & dimension to grab the viewer's attention and to convey a message. In this photo, we see that the text in the sand is standing at different levels. Although the words "FROM" "RUSH" & "HOUR" seems to be different scales because they are placed in various areas, I would assume they all would be relative to height if they were aligned side by side. The depth of each of the text creates the illusion of being farther and farther away from us when being closer to the horizon point. By observation, we use a combination of perceptual cues to figure out what the photo is trying to tell us. For example, there is a course of overlapping with the sand on the text, the texture gradient of the sand has depth and the atmospheric perceptive of a beach which connects to the text. We can depict what is real and what isn't in this photo because of the dimensions of the objects. Obviously, the hand holding the photo is a 3 dimensional object that is actually real whereas we see the texts as 2D objects because it only has 2 spatial areas.