Being creative is all about thinking the other way. To me sometimes even a simple thing can be great with just a touch of creativity. We can be creative no matter what our profession or direction are. To me even war can be creative, that is why we call the art of war. so here are a few of art piece that i like.


For me, Novelty means a great piece of work. Great work come from great people. And to me, if its great then it must have great quality as well. Here a few great idea and creation that wow me =)

Novelty, Creativity, Innovation and Invention

Today we learn the meaning of Novelty, Creativity, Innovation and Invention.


NOVELTY is the quality of being new.

CREATIVITY is the generation of new ideas or a new way of doing things.

INNOVATION is the process of making improvements by introducing something new.

INVENTION is taking existing knowledge and create new ideas.

My point of view

From my point of view, i think being creative its all about being different in all kind of ways. Therefore here's some images that can define different while being creative.

The myth of creativity

When it comes to creativity, people tend to misjudged it. For example :

1. Only special talented people are creative.
2. Being creative is hard.
3. Problems are in our life to make it more difficult.
4. I am not creative.
5. Innovation is the domain of geniuses.
6. I have to have brand new ideas in order for me to be considered creative.
7. Brainstorming is hard work.
8. Only artists need to be creative.
9. Writer’s block is a greatest obstacle in the creative process.
10. Using structured creative techniques will hinder my ability to be creative.


Today we learn about creativity. the definition and the myth of creativity. From my point of view, being creative is thinking out of box. However, the real definition the ability to think up and design new inventions, produce works of art, solve problems in new ways, or develop an idea based on an original, novel, or unconventional approach.

Creative Studies class!!

Yesterday was our first class, interesting i must say, the lecturer were great, i really like the class, its very easy going, we're practically like hanging out and gain knowledge at the same time, plus the class help me to relax and i hope the next class gonna be as fun as today =)cheers!


Well, today our lecturer gave us briefing on our assignment. so now i'm creating a blog and blogging!! which i don't usually do, hahaha, guess its a good way to experience it =) and i hope i dont bored u guys too much, Au revoir!!