Week #15 Blog Exercise - Interactions Between the 3 Levels

This photo represents one of the fundamentals of Graphic Design. Through Graphic Design, we are able to digital manipulate images in order to send a message to our viewers. Here, we see that a guy is erasing himself with the Erase Tool. The impact it has its deep and mysterious as it gives off a sense of invincibility or loneliness. It relates to Abstract because its not giving away too much, but individuals are free to interpret the photos through how they see it. It may or may not have a deep message to it but it does have a unique style of showing how to deal with emotions. Therefore, it is abstract because its impossible to erase yourself through a Photoshop Tool or any kind of matter.This photo also relates to Symbolism through various ways. It can be a symbol of hiding, disappearance, alone, re-new and ending. All 3 Levels are shown in this example through a creative and unbelievable way.

All 3 Levels show that California suffers through smoking issues and it makes people not want to live there. The impact on this design is able to tell people to stop smoking because it is making our environment look bad to others. This design is a great demonstration of Abstract art. Thus, there are no words to give out the central message of the design, yet we get a feeling of what it might be able. Even though it is a representation of California, it is in the shape of a cigarette which gives the image a twist. As for the Representational level of this image, California and it being a cigarette is represented. As we know, cigarettes are one of the leading causes of cancer and death. In addition, California can be represented as one of the few states that deals with smoking non-stop. The Symbolic Level in this photo is death, trashy, filth etc. This image is trying to communicate with people about how California deals with smoking issues and it makes our state intolerable to live in.

This design plays a role of being cautious or aware of danger that is near. The impact towards this image is that it helps individuals become alert when hazardous events or environments are in the area and prepares us to be adjusted to these things. The Symbolic Level of this photo is awareness, caution, danger, hazardous and stop.  The Abstract Level works will both factors because the color red usually means danger or a sense of stop/stillness. The exclamation point is a representation of surprise or alertness whereas the triangle is a representation of a road or environment that is dealing with an accident or hazardous situation. This is a well-know symbol that most people associate it with safety. All 3 Levels combine to make this design work for everyday life and to be aware of an individuals surroundings.

Week #14 Blog Exercise

The photo above is an example of Representational art for certain reasons. One being is that it shows the lifestyle of two individuals. In addition, it is realistic that people can live on a farm but we aren't really sure if these are actually people with identity or not. Another reason why it is an example of Representational art is the expression on the individuals' faces. Notice how they are not smiling and have steady postures which indicates that they have no emotion or they do not enjoy their lives. The lady isn't looking at the direction the man is which probably has to do with something that caught her eye or she doesn't like having her picture taken. The colors and tones of the objects in this photo is realistic such as the sky, the trees, the skin color of the individuals, etc. Lastly, the pitch-fork in the man's hand represents how he does some job of cleaning hay on a farm which also gives a clue of where the setting takes place.
This photo is an example of Abstract art because it not only doesn't give away the central message of the painting, but it also gives us an idea of what it could be. For example, we know that the music note at the top-left corner has to do something with the painting and the guitar on the right side of the painting tells us that. Also, there are 3 trumpets positioned differently for a reason. Maybe because if you look closely, you are able to see a face in the middle that is playing these trumpets. The colors being used in this piece makes its abstract because there is no consistency. Thus, it keeps changing to grab the viewer's attention and to show that music changes throughout certain tempos and feelings. Even though I was able to identify the guitar, music notes and trumpets, the overall shapes in this piece shows a beginning of the artist's main focus. In result, the artist's gave some clues to the viewers that it had to deal with music but in a way where it wasn't obvious by adding various shapes and colors to the mix.


 I chose this piece as Symbolic because this artist (Yue Minjun) did a series of paintings and sculptures which had smiles on them which results in naming the series "The Symbolic Smile". In this piece, there are different areas which cover symbolism. For example, the men are colored red with horns on the top of their head which represents the same being as the devil or demons. In addithon, we know from tales that the devil is red and has horns on its head. What fascinates me the most is the smile on these men. We aren't sure if its a good thing or a bad thing that these men are smiling that way but it makes the piece most entertaining. The smile can be a symbol of various reasons. One being that they are having a good time or they did something bad to something/someone which made them laugh. In conclusion, asmile is a symbol of happiness and in this painting, they are happy about something but we aren't quite sure of what because there is not enough details supporting the meaning.