My review

To be creative, you have to see things in different way. This class teach me just how to do that and its actually kind of fun. It ease and open up your mind. I cant wait for our next assignment =)


Random quote using a picture of chili and the word love.

You spice up my life with your love. Just like the color of chili, your love remains and never fade. I love you and our love will keep on burning like a red chili.


Anology are divided to two, metaphor and simile. What is anology through metaphor? It means comparison that are not obvious. and what is analogy through simile? It means define something or subject using different word that we still can understand immediately.


I never knew that juxtaposition are used widely. In our work and daily life. Miss Tasya showed us all the juxtaposition that were used in the tv series called "Lost". Here a few juxtaposition in "Lost" by Miss Tasya :

“Lost” Season 1

Success/Failure - In his past, Jack's refusal to give up on Beth in the OR where unsuccessful, but when he refused to give up on Charlie he was successful with CPR. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

Lucky/Unlucky - Hurley and Walt play backgammon, where Walt is lucky to get the rolls he wanted each time and Hurley is unlucky, getting rolls that caused him to lose. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

Help/Hindrance - Charlie's bid to save Claire from Ethan ended up hindering the survivors as it prevented them from getting their answers. ("Homecoming")

Anger/Brokenness - In flashback, Locke is shown very angry and hitting his car. The scene switches to Locke in the jungle, kneeling and crying at the Hatch, seemingly broken. This is a juxtaposition of anger and sadness. ("Deus Ex Machina")

Brokeness/Hope - Directly after the moment described above, a light comes on in the Hatch, reinvigorating Locke's hopes and faith in the Island (and his destiny).

Life/Death - Boone dies at the same time Claire gives birth to Aaron, showing a juxtaposition of life and death with a strong contrast between the two. ("Do No Harm")


What is Juxtaposition? From my understanding, juxtaposition is looking at the same thing from two opposite points. For example, like what miss Tasya used, the word order and chaos to an image of a soup and stack of carrot, we can apply both word to each picture and its still acceptable.

Associated mind map

What is associated mind map? Basically, its a mind map that we branch out from a logical mind map. Associated mind map help us create new idea.

Mortar and Pestle

Mr. Radzi asked us to create something new from associate mind map using mortar and pestle. i used hair as the associated word, and create a hair straightener.

Logical mind map

Logical mind map are connected to stereotype. what is stereotype? STEREOTYPE is thinking the the box or in other words typical thinking. The most commons stereotype thinking is about men and women. people who are stereotype will define men as strong and women as weak. However, the fact is we are all the same. we our self define whether we are strong or weak.


Today, we learn about mind map, a creative mind map in fact. Creative mind are divided to two, logical mind map and associated mind map. Here a few example of creative mind map. logical mind map is connected or related to stereotype. Meanwhile, associated mind map generates random words.

Innovation and Invention

What is innovation? Innovation is something that can be innovate, something that can be improve and remodel. Invention is to me, a new outcome.