Week #6 Blog Exercise - Design Success and Failure in Relation to Syntactical Guidelines

Credit of photo: http://www.herecomesthefuzz.com/designvic/

I chose this design because my major/interest revolves around Visual Communications. I want to create posters, CD cover art and other graphical art for all-kinds of musicians, especially rock. The photo I chose has various Syntactical Guidelines. For example, the words being used are lyrics, song titles and descriptions of James Brown which develop a perception of him singing. We aren't entitled to know that its James Brown until we see the the infamous James Brown hair and his teeth which connects together to form a head. This design is also well-balanced because certain phrases or words illustrate his facial features, but with his head being tilted, it gives a sense of imbalance. There is stress going on with the photo where the words in the background are diagonal but it is attention-grabbing because it creates a sort of glow or aura around James Brown. The Syntactical Guidelines work well with this design because the wording is grouped precisely  and will attract users who are interested in James Brown.

Credit of photo: http://www.youthedesigner.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/graphic-design-portfolio-chuck-anderson3.jpg

This design I chose does not work with the Syntactical Guidelines. I couldn't get the message when looking at this photo because there was a lot of things going on. For example, there are mountains, I'm not sure what the design overlapping the mountains is, the sun is not that visible on the right-hand side, there is a curve over the hills which I am guessing is a temperature gauge, etc. The design isn't balanced because there are various shapes that don't work well with others which creates a lot of stress. Also, its not leveled because I feel most of the weight is being shifted to the left side of the page which creates a more sharpening effect. The only pattern I found that are grouped is the mountains, other than that I feel the designer just started putting random objects to fill in the picture. When looking at this photo a couple of times, I developed the message of "night life adventure" because of the colors being used and how its neon which represent partying. Furthermore, this design was unclear and hard to breakdown for me.