Week #7 Blog Exericise - Graphic Design

From the picture above, we can see that the element of Movement is present through various reasons. First, the angle of the ropes from the fingers to the seat shows that the swing is in motion. If the ropes were going straight downward, we would assume its not in motion. Another notion that this design gives us a sense of movement is the way the person's hair is. The person's hair is going in front of their face which tells us that the person is swinging back up to gain momentum. Finally, we see how the person is leaning forward which also tells us that they are going backwards. Thus, these are components of "felt axis" where a subject is either going up-down or left-right.Even though we don't have additional framework to tell us that this photo is in motion, our eyes scan the design to find areas that helps us be aware of movement which I have listed.


In this design, the element of Shapes is used repeatedly. The designer has duplicated numbers amounts of bikes to form one big circle. In addition, the bikes look like its going in a circle because of the way the outside bikes are placed. In the bikes alone, we can see shapes such as triangles, circles, rhombuses, stars, lines, etc. As the design forms a circle, it seems like there isn't an end point and it keeps going and going. The style of triangles that are formed by the bike frames and tires causes tension and clutterness. Therefore, the designer's mission was to show the different shapes you can form with bikes by putting them close together. I love this design because I am a biker myself and when I look at this photo, I feel like the all the bikes form one wheel. Thus, the message from this design is "keep going and going" because it seems endless and looks like its rotating.

In the photo above, the element of Color is shown to depicted certain phases of the subject. For example, cool and vibrant Hues are used to give the picture a certain feeling/mood of sickness or some sort of troubled state. Also, the designer used complementary colors of Blue-Green for shadows which show direction of where the light is coming from. The photo shows different areas of saturation such as the 2 phase of the person and so on. In addition, the person starts to look more dull and starts to drift towards a grayish color tone. As the subject starts to come closer to the frame, it comes darker and easier to see whereas when you see the subject in the far back, it looks more brighter and blurry. I love the colors the designer used for this picture because it gives a relaxing and calm vibe to it but from the look of the subject, I can tell it represents illness.