WEEK #10 - Second Life Activity

My experiences with Second Life is always interesting and new where you are able to explore and meet new people who may have the same purposes of playing the game as you do. When our class met on Second Life, it was very entertaining to see what other peers thought about their viewpoint on Second Life because you aren’t sure who is who. In addition, I believe Second Life would be a great outlet to teach a course. Second Life gives an individual the opportunity to express themselves in a way they aren’t able to in a classroom. It is said that most people are afraid or shy to say what they feel inside out-loud but when it comes to texting or online chatting, a person is comfortable with being themselves. Therefore, Second Life is not only an online game for meeting new people, but also to interact with new environments that may help you spark an interest in visiting new places in the real world. One downfall about teaching a course through Second Life I found is that it was hard to talk to certain people because you have others trying to communicating with them at the same time. With that being said, trying to get the Professor’s attention would be rather difficult and annoying. I can see Second Life being used as a way of teaching because there are probably similar methods being used all over the world. A benefit of having a class through Second Life can give an individual a reason to save gas if they originally drive to school or if they were sick, they would still be able to participate in activities. Lastly, an individual has the pleasure of being in the comfort of their homes where if you were to use the bathroom or wanted to eat, it wouldn’t be a hassle at all.