Week #8 Blog Exercise - Tone and Color


The photo above is a great example for my interest in Graphic Design. It has an equal balance between color and tone which gives the audience an idea of perception. The bears' faces have different tones to show that light is being cast from above. The different colors on the person's neck is a good example that distinguishes light and darkness. By going from a darker Hue and adding white to that Hue, it'll become more saturated and brighter. I love the various colors being used on the bears' faces because the orange and yellow colors gives me an idea or belief that sun rays are the source of light in the photo. The importance of tonal information in this picture is grateful because it gives the audiences a story with emotion. The hues of the person's hair/beard go from yellowish-brown to dark-brown which is a process of  tonal informational as well. If we were to give a sense of direction as a graphic designer or any type of artist, we would first take a hue and add its complimentary color. For example, in the persons' shirt, we know that it is red right (or some kind of red)? So, if we wanted the audience to know where light is coming from or just give shadows to the subject, we would add green to the red. By doing this, it will desaturate and become darker. I remember doing this for my Color class last semester and it really helped me experiment with colors. In addition, I learned various ways of obtaining certain colors without having to go out to the store and buying them. Colors and Tones are important for any kind of medium because it grabs the persons attention and feelings. That's how I was drawn to this photo :)