Week #12 Blog Exercise - Visual Techniques


In my profession, I want to be able to digitally manipulate images with graphics to create album covers for various music artists. I always had a fascination of how an album cover can grab a person's attention without giving too much away and letting the viewer's interpret the piece in their own words. For the two designs I've posted above, I chose one of my favorite rock bands of all-time, The Starting Line and 2 of their album covers. In comparison, both designs have something that is realistic in them, for example: The first design has a tree, field and sky and in the second design, it has a girl talking on the telephone while sitting on a sofa. They are both simple designs which doesn't give too much information but it also makes its audience wonder what the album is going to be about. They both have unique forms of composition such as in the first design, the photo is flipped to make it look like the tree is on a wall or something and in the second design, the way the photo cuts off the sofa and focuses on the girl is a composition of Rule of Thirds. Also, they both have a representation of Singularity such as the one tree and the one girl. In contrast, the first design ... its not realistic for a tree to be in the position it is whereas the girl sitting on the sofa is possible. Therefore, the first design appears to be Irregular and the second design is Regular. In result, there aren't much in contrast between the two designs, however they do share a lot similarities in techniques.