Week #11 Blog Exercise - Contrast


The example above is a great demonstration of how contrast in color, shape and composition are successful in a design. We are given a hint that the text in red is a representation of blood by the way it goes across the wrist and down forming a puddle-like shape. In addition, the text that forms the blood are words that the person was hurt by which is another sign of pain.The color of the background gives a sense of sadness or mysterious vibe to the design which I thought was simple and clever. Also, the positions of the arm/hand looks like it is dead because the fingers are rested and not in a grip. The composition of this design works really well because if the arm was going vertical, it wouldn't make much sense for the puddle of the blood being there.


In this design, I found it to be a failed attempt to show contract for a couple of reasons. First, I am not sure what the white border is supposed to represent because at the top of it, it has a little tail of some sort but it doesn't really give me a hint of what it is. Another reason I found this to be a failed design is white tail seems to take up most of the upper side of the page which gives it a weird composition. Thus, there is no balance between the text and the background. Even though the color and shape of a heart in the letter "O" is representation of "love", the use of colors overall can be changed to give it a better contrast and harmony.