I never knew that juxtaposition are used widely. In our work and daily life. Miss Tasya showed us all the juxtaposition that were used in the tv series called "Lost". Here a few juxtaposition in "Lost" by Miss Tasya :

“Lost” Season 1

Success/Failure - In his past, Jack's refusal to give up on Beth in the OR where unsuccessful, but when he refused to give up on Charlie he was successful with CPR. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

Lucky/Unlucky - Hurley and Walt play backgammon, where Walt is lucky to get the rolls he wanted each time and Hurley is unlucky, getting rolls that caused him to lose. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

Help/Hindrance - Charlie's bid to save Claire from Ethan ended up hindering the survivors as it prevented them from getting their answers. ("Homecoming")

Anger/Brokenness - In flashback, Locke is shown very angry and hitting his car. The scene switches to Locke in the jungle, kneeling and crying at the Hatch, seemingly broken. This is a juxtaposition of anger and sadness. ("Deus Ex Machina")

Brokeness/Hope - Directly after the moment described above, a light comes on in the Hatch, reinvigorating Locke's hopes and faith in the Island (and his destiny).

Life/Death - Boone dies at the same time Claire gives birth to Aaron, showing a juxtaposition of life and death with a strong contrast between the two. ("Do No Harm")